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  Saltsman and Solomon: Letting the Genie Out of the Bottle?

"Don't Tase Meh Br...ain!": Taser Stuns Can Cause Serious Injury and Bring Substantial Money Damages ...

Labor & Employment Law - Plaintiff Employees Promised Working Conditions Would Ease Up, Company Renounces It's Promise

Supreme Court Weighs in: Can Consumers' Small Suits be Combined

Shakedown Lawsuits: Americans with Disabilities Act

The Limited Warranty is a Double Edged Sword

The Best Of Los Angeles: SOLOMON, SALTSMAN & JAMIESON, Newsweek, January 4, 2010

  Identity Swap: California and Amsterdam ... Which Municipality Best Regulates Marijuana and Prostitution?  
  Into the Cookie Jar, by Ralph B. Saltsman and Stephen Warren Solomon, Friday, February 6, 2009, The Los Angeles Daily Journal  
  Ralph Saltsman and Stephen Solomon recognized by the City of Santa Monica with the Community Support Award, November 2007  
  The Virtual Journal™, by Stephen Jamieson, Ralph Saltsman, Stephen Solomon, Bruce Evans and Erica Jamieson, July/August 2006, Forum  
  'Extreme Makeover': Identity Upgrades, by Ralph B. Saltsman and Stephen Warren Solomon, July 25, 2006, Los Angeles Daily Journal (Link to Article)
  Defibrillators Could Save 50,000 Lives per Year, May, 30, 2006, Indianapolis Star  
  Pulse, Matters of the Heart by Andy Wang, May, 20, 2006, Los Angeles Daily News
  Sue the Minor and Parents of the Minor Who Uses False ID to Buy Alcohol
California Beverage News, January 2004 pg. 10
  Consultants as Counselors, Los Angeles Daily Journal, July 10, 2002 pg. 6  



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