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Alcoholic Beverage Licensing

The descriptions below, link to articles by or about Solomon, Saltsman & Jamieson experience with alcoholic beverage licensing. If you are, or someone you know, is in need of information or a consult on alcoholic beverage licensing, you may contact a lawyer in our firm by phone or email.

ABC Conditions: A Licensee's Nightmare  
Court of Appeal forbids ABC to communicate in secret in precedent setting decision (PDF)
Solomon, Saltsman & Jamieson win predecent-setting victory in California Supreme Court; Court declares secrete communication between agency prosecutors and the agency adjudicating director as unlawful. Review decision at:  
Solomon, Saltsman & Jamieson Defeats ABC Before Court of Appeal: Secret ABC Communications Outlawed
Court of Appeals Holds against ABC in finding that Rule 141 must be applied in all cases.  
Good Fences Make Good Regulators, by Mike McKee, November 14, 2006, The Recorder  
Solomon, Saltsman & Jamieson defends longtime Anaheim Nightclub “The Boogie”, Tuesday, May 23, 2006, The Orange County Register (Scan of Article)
Panel Tosses Liquor Control Board Action, Los Angeles Daily Journal, March 17, 2005
Who's the Judge? Or, How Those Backroom Decisions are Made California Beverage News, February 2004 pg. 10
Playing "Who's the Buyer", California Beverage News, December 2003 pg. 10
Serving the Obviously Intoxicated, Can You Be Sued for Serving That Drunk?
California Beverage News, November 2003 pg. 10
Help! What can be done to make applying for a license fair?
California Beverage News, May 2004, pg. 10
Is Organized Crime Buying ABC Licenses?
California Beverage News, October 2003 pg. 10
What To Do When You Get A "309" Letter From The ABC
California Beverage News, September 2003 pg. 22
Alcopops, Malternatives and Flavored Coolers: The ABC's Of Kiddy Alcohol
California Beverage News, August 2003 pg. 22
Thirty-Two Questions on Buying a Hospitality Business
California Beverage News, July 2003 pg. 22
Tobacco Boondoggle, Now You'll Need a License to Sell a Cigarette
California Beverage News, April 2004 pg. 10
Here Comes the Judge, When Does a Licensee Get to See a Real Judge?
California Beverage News, March 2004 pg. 10
Lost In The Application Maze
California Beverage News, May 2003 pg. 22
Narcotics Paraphernalia: The new ABC Dragnet
California Beverage News, April 2003 pg. 18
Pleading Your License Away
California Beverage News, March 2003 pg. 18
ABC Appeals Board: Court of Last Resort
California Beverage News, February 2003 pg. 18
Conditional Use Permits and ABC Licenses
California Beverage News, January 2003 pg. 18
The World of False Identification
California Beverage News, December 2002 pg. 18
ABC Judges : Justice Denied
California Beverage News, June 2000 pg. 1
Minor Decoys: Multiple Liabilities
California Beverage News, November 2002 pg. 18
Judging the Judges, A Study of the Administrative Law Judges
of the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board
California Forms of Pleading and Practice, Alcoholic Beverage Licensing,
(Co-Editorial Consultant) Matthew Bender, Chapter 18, 1996
Los Angeles Liquor Retailers' Struggle with Local Politicians & Morality Issues,
LIT No. 5, 6 & 7 Beverage Bulletin, Part I 5/95, Part II, 6/95, Part iii, 7/95
Annual Updates,
ABC Licensee Handbook
Judges Should Not Permit Consultants to Practice Law, Los Angeles Daily Journal, VOL. 115, NO. 132; reprinted in California Beverage News  
Chapter 18, Administrative Law, Alcoholic Beverage Licensing, Contributing Editor Matthew Bender, Chapter 18, 1994  
Judging the Judges, A Study of the Administrative Law Judges of the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board: Annual Updates, ABC  
Handling Transients in Your Restaurant
California Restaurant Association
When Restaurants Go Bad (and How You Can Stay Good)
California Restaurant Association
Liquor License Owners Beware - A Sobering Look at the Drug Laws
The Food and Beverage Journal



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